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Transformation Commission

Trick or Treat
a transformation commission


What follows is a commission that is being done. I thought it would be fun to show what I go through on doing a commission :)
But first lets read the story for it!


     The fire flickers on the cave wall drawing the shadow of two humanoid wolves with eyes locked with each other.

     She straight in her mate's eyes, "Walks With Fire, I wish we could have children."

     Walks With Fire look at his beautiful mate and sighs, "You remember what Talks with strange tongue said. My loins won't bear the fruit. For I long for children my loins don't." He holds back the tears, "Maybe my brother can work out or we can do the..."

     She puts her paw on his mouth, "Now hush. Tomorrow let us talk to your brother about this he will do the righ..."

     A brilliant flash, lights up the cave with a brilliance neither wolves expected. Walks With Fire turns around to another series of flashes and clicks. A growl gurgles up from his throat and out his mouth, "Who dares risk death to break into my sanctity of my home." He could now smell the intruder, man. His eyes still haven't adjusted from the bright brilliant light bouncing from his eyes.

     A cocky voice splits the blackness, "Names, William Johnson and it looks like I caught me some werewolves on film" He walks forward with a geeky grin.

     Walks With Fire pushes his mate aside, "Why are you hear."

     "I've been trying to track your kind ever since I saw a post on alt.horror.werewolves. It convinced me that werewolves were real. I've came here to track them down." He looks at the two shadowy figures, "It looks like I have two."

     "and now that you found us now what?", his voice gives away to almost a fear...

     "Well, I figure I can put a few of these on ebay and the more adult shots on furrybid. And then tell everyone where you are... " a low growl comes from the direction of the wolves, "or" the man pauses...

     "Or what.." Walks With Fire presses his muzzle into the light. His teeth glisten in the firelight in hopes that it frighten the silly man.

     "Or you make me into a werewolf. I always wanted to be a wolf. Or at least part wolf. That is my dream and well according to legend you can do that with a simple bite. I mean it's my dream and I will do anything to make it happen!"

     The wolf's eyes glisten in the firelight as his mate speaks, "Honey, that wou..." He smiles a tooth grin as he holds his paw up to his mate's face, "Agreed. I can fulfill your fondest wish. The stories they say are true but not the way they say it" He gets closer to the man, "Please take off your clothing."

     "Why?", he looks at the wolf as he starts unbuttoning his shirt.

     "It's part of the ritual you will see.."

     The wolf watches the very excited young man undress exposed his erect genitalia to the world. The wolf licks his own lips as his own red meat leaves the sheath.

     Johnson looks down at the wolf's cock, "My, it's much smaller than I thought it would be."

     Walks With Fire attempts to start to say something but his mate interrupts, "It's not the size that counts it's his style".

     Walks With Fire smiles at the comment his small sack churns his juices, "For this to work you need to hold my cum in your mouth and spit it out when I cum. You can not swallow at any time. You must follow these rules"

     Johnson shakes his head up and down. Walks WIth Fire points his claw to the ground and points to his groin. Johnson hesitates for a moment. With a shrug of his shoulders he gives into his own wishes and desires and knells on the ground. With a shaky hand he takes the tender wolf's sack in his hand and message the sack. Walks With Fire shudder as Johnson takes the wolf's sputtering cock in his lips and starts sucking the sweat nectar out. The wolf's groin works in time with the jowls of Johnson until Walks With Fire could not handle the feeling no more. Walks With Fire pushes Johnson's face away and in total lust pushes Johnson's head face down in the ground causing him to raise his tender ass.

     Johnson tries to resist against the pressure of the claw but his face stays firmly implanted into the ground. When his victium stops struggling Walks With Fire uses this as a cue to prod and pry at Johnson's ass for an opening. For a moment Johnson wonder if this is all worth it but then the wolf hit home. The pain and pleasure of it all rushes to Johnson's mind and he moans in pure bliss. The bliss rushes and relaxes his tight lips allowing a few drop of saliva and cum to escape the prison of his mouth.

     Walks With Fire for a moment let go of his humanity and bites down with beastly desire on young Johnson's tender neck. Johnson swallows hard trying to control the pain flooding into his mind. But that was quickly overshadowed by the pure pleasure from the growing pumps from the wolf. With each pump the wolf's cock felt like it was growing inside. It almost felt like it was up to his neck. And then the wolf poured his seed into Johnson. Johnson spit out the wolf seed onto the ground. The pleasure was too much and he fell unconscious.

     After a while Johnson became aware of the wolf's beating heart, his tender fur, and the warm blanket covering his feet. The pure bliss of the sexual act was still in his mind and the taste of sweat cum still covering his lips. His mind couldn't help it but try to lick his lips clean. No such luck for his tongue didn't want to move. He tried to move his hands away from his body to wipe his face. Nothing changed. He opened his eyes. In his hazy red spun world all he could see is the soft fur of the wolf's leg. He tried to scream but all that left his mouth was cum.

     Walks With Fire look down at the transformed Johnson. He allows his muzzle to break a wolfie grin. That smile cracks to a gutteral chuckle that last for a bit and then Walks With Fire speaks roughly to his new best friend, "My big Johnson. I hope you like your new home."

     Johnson freaked and started struggling and jiggling much to his surprise he couldn't move very much. The bellowing voice of the wolf follows his struggles, "I enjoy the sight" The wolf starts to pant faster "you are putting on. My " He pauses for impact " Johnson and balls feel good swinging to the motion you are producing." Through the movement Johnson feels the cum swelling from inside his body building up pressure and anticipation as his struggles become weaker as he becomes more rigid. The wolf breathing became shallow as his Johnson spits out a few droplets of cum onto his leg.

     Johnson mind glazes over in pleasure while his sight going away. Without his mind on human thoughts his muscles loses battle as they turn into veins. His legs churn and break down into testicles.

     The wolf smiles and cleans up Johnson's face. Licking away the stray hair, "I'm so happy you came." He licks a little cum off his lips, "My mate and I couldn't have children. No matter who we talk to we couldn't ever have children. Except.... If I found a willing subject to go through the ritual...." He licks the remain cum as his Johnson starts sliding in the sheath, "And since you wanted to just be a part of a wolf how could I not oblige."

     Johnson slid into his new home hearing the muffled words of the wolf, "Don't worry you will come out a lot. You need to rest my big Johnson because tomorrow you have to perform with my bitch."

     His heartbeat slowed for a bit, "Remind me tomorrow to post this on the newsgroups... I don't think they will believe that someone was this stupid to go through this."

     Johnson's own heartbeat slowed to a stop as Walks With Fire heart does the duty of fueling blood to the cock. Walks with Fire talks one lick on his closed sheath and smiles thinking about the fun he will have tomorrow with his cock. With pleasent and erotic thoughts he falls fast asleep.

Click on images for larger view
Hello Mr. Johnson welcome to the first day of your new life

My what big....
A little concern is always in store if this happens to your mate..  I know mine would do the same thing
It's fun fun fun until they take your cock away
Hey Johnson you got a little bit of cum on your face.. I don't think you care very much about that right now...

Still here good now lets talk about the making of this picture.

First Part: The Request!

The first thing you get is an e-mail asking for a commission. At the time I started I was taking some commissions so I listen to all and reply back to at least the ones I like ;).

So A furry send me this:

This is from a very weird reoccur dream about a strange transformation.... The dream was about a transformation of a person into the genitals of a wolf... Like I said it was strange and if you don't even want to think about it don't go any further. It's one of those things you always wanted to "see" it in "real" life. When you can't draw that well and you want the picture to get out... Well.... continue on reading if you choose to burn your eyes.....

The wolf itself (a timber wolf) is pretty mostly normal. it is laying on it's side with it's leg up in the air as if he was licking its privates. I think it would be good to have the wolf looks like it is looking up at the viewer as if he is saying what are you looking at or are you joining in.
The balls of the wolf are bloated, long and large. The back side, bottom of the balls are slight covered with dirt or feces. the balls seem to be split in the middle (that was the legs) at the end it's flesh colored and some feet features almost. As the balls get to the wolf's groan it looks very normal for a wolf.
The sheath close to the wolf's groin is pretty close to being fully changed. More wolf than human body features.. But it's not all connected yet. As the sheath goes away from the groan it gets more distorted more human future. Less furry the sheath goes to a point and is split in two. they are thinned out and fall away from the cock extending out to be more of a fur covered arms flatten arms with web fingers. The "cock" itself is bigger than it should be. It's crimson red knot is extended outside the sheath. The cock after the knot looks a lot different. As it gets further away it looks less red and more human. At first it's more red and veined towards the end it's more "flesh" colored and has a more distinct muscle tone. Where the arms were seemed to be more red leading back to the base of the cock/sheath. The neck is bloated and the head is attached so the mouth is pointed "forward"(for lack of a better term). The head itself is losing features and have just a few tuffs of hair left. The ears are starting to bend into the penis. Eyes are staring glazed forward. The mouth is opened wide without teeth leaking out fluid(You can decide what ;) ) that is covering the tip and is pooling at the base.. The remains of the face has a little bit of an expression of pain and pressure.
Like I said a very weird image if done. A man in mid change to wolf's genitals. For artist matters and easy of work I would exacerbate the size of the ex-human/genitals it's easier to put details of the transformation there. The key thing is to add a little bit of pain and non enjoyment in the human side if possible while the wolf either doesn't care, doesn't know what is happening or is in mid enjoyment... Like I said it's up to you to choose this and you can easily refuse. As always if you choose to take it suggest what media you prefer and quote a price.... If you can think of anything to add and change say so. I rather it be an enjoyable strange/fun thing than a work...

At this point I ask myself... Do I want to take it on or not. A job like this is interesting and can be, well, challenging. The big thing I didn't like about it is the poo factor as described. Also The fear that I can't meet his expectations. So I sat and mulled it over. I decided that the challenge was too big and the picture was too unique...

So after some negotiation I can in agreement with the commissioner. We decided on a 24x36 stretched canvas in oil (because I had it laying around) and a price was set.

Second Part: The Sketch!

So I created a draft of the picture. Which is here

Hmmm she says that I am pretty small in that department... I don't see a problem

So I sent it off and waited. I finally got response.
The good part is that he liked the second wolf.
The bad: The penis didn't look human enough and the balls weren't human enough. And the balls weren't big enough. (Which was good news because I didn't have to draw any more poo)...

So back to the comfy chair with an eraser and a pencil then I did draft 2. Which I HOPE it was closer.

I can't wait till she see a look at this.  It's a very manly cock.

Even though this was closer to the commissioner's request. There still was changes. Minor but still changes. I smiled my head and told him that I will incorporate them in the final images. (But won't do another sketch ;) ).

Third Part: Preparing to paint

So at this point I paint the background... I choose a cave scene a home for the wolves. So I draw my happy cave scene.
Now at this point I draw an outline of what I want the painting to look like in the correct scale. After I have this drawn I transfer this sketch onto the canvas. Now the sketch doesn't have much detail but when you hear sketch sometimes the ears of the person who is having it done pop's up his ears... So after much BEGGING I broke down a scan PART of the picture.
OOHH look at the size of that SACK the whole bed of the scanner just for that!
As you can tell I don't put very much detail into this sketch. Just a general idea of where to draw. He did stop pestering me after this ;) But he wanted the sketch too bad he didn't tell me that before I threw it away... He'll get his reward for patience later.

Fourth Part: Painting!

Well the hard stuff comes next. Actually putting the brush to the canvus. In this I decided to paint the background. A very simple cave painting then I set it to dry. This was about three weeks. After that I did the wolf in the background first. To get myself back into the swing of things. And that is where I played with painting fur :) lots of fur :)
After painting the fur I went and touched the main wolf. I got fairly far in a quick time until disaster struck! The Floyd my lovable St. Benard knowing this is a canine picture threw paint thinner all over it in protest!!! UGH!!! :(
I almost cried when that happen. A part of my life was ruined. But I bucked up and cleaned the area up and dried it. But wonders did come! I got a digital camera. Well not the greatest... But hey! I got one ;) So here is what it looked like in the beginning of June after I removed the thinner and the wolf I painted.

We got floating head!!

Fifth Part: Painting Again!

So I pick up the brush again... It's hard to repaint areas that you have done before but I felt I was up to the task. After a few weeks I made back the lost ground I did. At the end of June I did the major progress. Notice the eyes are missing in the main wolf. He is also missing something important to his life ;)

Hmm I think you have a server case of Missing Dickus

He's lifting his leg into air for no reason? Oh the humanity

Blurry vision worth watching entertainment.

Sixth Part: Time To Hit The Sac

Now that I finished the ground work it is time to hit the groin area. This starts the hard part. While he wanted a ball like structure he didn't want a normal wolf scrotum he wanted to imply that it was something different. Something unusual. So I had to work on the description and ideas. This took me a few weeks and I was eating in early July now...

You think his leg would be tired by now

Facinating isn't it

If I see another picture of this... I will puke.

Seventh Part: Sinful Dick

Now I was on a roll. Now that things are going smoothly I figured the dick was next to do. I did the basic outline of the dick trying to get the wolf feel and the human a little sticking out. I made sure the lighting was here so i wouldn't lose it in future versions... I better stop talking and just let you look.


A little farther back... Just a little.

There it is... Way back it makes the whole.

Eight Part: Broken Camera and slowness

Yeah summer. Evil summer! It starts really eating up time and I couldn't get as much done. To make things worse the camera broke! Digital Evil! WEll the good news is..... I did get some progress... I got some special paint for the cum and everything it worked well.. So here is what I got done.. Blurry I know. But what do you expect from Polaroid.

Blurry vision need new glasses.

Ninth Part: All coming together

At this point I spent time off and on finish the eyes and such. I took some pictures and asked the person that commissioned it what he thought.... here are the pics I sent him. The commissioner also wanted me to frame it.. Something about he doesn't have the skill and also he wants this to leave the artist hand perfect at least that is what he thought ;). So I agreed picked out a good frame. And in the good news is I got a new digital camera. Shots were better but... I wasn't a master of camera and film yet... SO here is some 95% done pictures

Woah he got a big one!

In his former life he was mr. clean

Where is klenix

Kinda staring out into well space.

Another sac close up

Tenth Part: Last touches and aftermath

I awaited feedback from my commission. He of course had comment. Most of them I could do like making the penis more human. Some of them well, I couldn't even think of doing twenty years from now. (He suggested that there should be human headed sperm swimming in the sack. Pressing their face in the scrotum. Hanging on the end of the penis. Flipping and dieing on the ground.)
So after a lot of touch ups and getting the frame. I let the picture dry... Well after letting it dry I sent it out in late october. About six months since he commissioned it. WHEW! Fortunately the picture did arrive unharmed but the frame got a chip.. Can't have everything and it's not my problem now ;) And when it arrived on October 31 I thought it was appropriate ;) But to make things even better a good friend of mine wrote a story.. Which is included above.
That's it hope this was fun....
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